femmes enceintes; maquillage corporel; photographie; exposition photographique; livre


From one world to another

A book that have for only pretention to pay tribute to the maternity by an artistic and original way.

Pregnant women, only dressed with the make up of Carmen Arbués Miró and put in scene in natural scenery or studio, lend themselves to be illuminated and photographed by the lens of François Poirier.

The first children was born 10 years ago.



220 pages, 28x35
hard cover, stitched
color photographies
59 €

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At the end of this long trip, when the book was already in press, Carmen and François were waiting for Adrián and Carla.

    Adrián and Carla at six months

Throughout the book and in our Web pages you will often find our logo repeated.

It is the belly of Carmen at five months!

In the pages that follows you can read the prologue and the letter of Pierre Jouannet, as well as seeing some of the photographies and the details of how they have been done.